Program Outcomes (POs)

Department of Computer Engineering

At the end of the program the student will be able to:

PO1:The graduates will possess the knowledge of various discrete mathematical structures, Logic and numerical techniques.
PO2:The graduates will have an ability to apply mathematical formalism of Finite Automata and Probability in modelling and analysis of systems.
PO3:The graduates will have knowledge of core programming paradigms such as database orientation, object orientation, and agent orientation and concepts essential to implement software based system.
PO4:The graduates will have an ability to analyze problem, specify algorithmic solutions to them and to evaluate alternative solutions.
PO5:The graduate will have broad understanding of the impact of a computer based solutions in economic, environmental and social context and will demonstrate use of analytical tools in gathering requirements and distilling relevant Information to provide computer based solutions.
PO6:The graduates will demonstrate the ability to build human centric interfaces to computers.
PO7:The graduates will posses the knowledge of advanced and emerging topics in the fields of operating systems, databases and computer networks.
PO8:The graduates will posses skills necessary to communicate design engineering ideas. The skills set include verbal, written and listening skills.
PO9:The graduates will understand ethical issues in providing computer based solutions also they will have an ability and attitude to address the ethical issues.
PO10:The graduates will understand the role of system software such as operating systems, database management systems, compilers, middle-ware and internet protocols in realizing distributed information environment.