Principal's Message

Godavari Foundation’s Godavari college of Engineering (GF’s G.C.O.E.) is one of the premiere technical Institute of central India. The Institute has lush green campus with all basic amenities of high standard. This year the Institute has successfully completed its glorious 20 years of establishment.The Institute has strong alumni network of 3000+ alumni shining all across the globe, out of which 600+ are serving abroad.The students at GF’s G.C.O.E. are nurtured from various angles, so as to make them globally competent. The Institute has highly dedicated & qualified staff who always emphasis on creative thinking along with basic fundamentals of Engineering, Science & Technology.

As the college is now affiliated to Dr. BabasahebAmbedkar Technological University, Lonere (D.B.A.T.U,Lonere) the course curriculum and teaching learning process is of world standard. All the courses emphasises on more industry interaction by the student along with more number of expertise elective subject as a part of curriculum.I am confident that Engineering Graduates of this institute will always cross all ladders of success in their lives to maintain the slogan of Institute........................

“Tradition of Excellence since 1999”

Dr.Vijay H. Patil
Godavari College of Engineering, Jalgaon